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‘My Neighbors Harassed Me To Put Up Holiday Lights!’

Have you ever been too paralyzed to leave your house because of what the neighbors were saying about you? I faced this situation soon after moving into our new home in a suburb of Portland, OR. The reason: It was Dec 10th, and we hadn’t hung up our holiday lights.   Holiday light neighborhoods are...
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7 Kitchen Items You Really Need for Thanksgiving: Do You Have Them All?

Nobody wants unnecessary kitchen clutter. Marie Kondo and Alton Brown have drilled it into our heads that our artfully arranged kitchen storage spaces should be stocked (never stuffed) only with multipurpose, untrendy, chef-style kitchen gear; leave the spiralyzer for somebody else’s yard sale! And yet, if you’re planning to host a classic turkey-and-fixing Thanksgiving dinner...
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Homeowners Reveal: ‘The Best Purchase I Made for My New House’

Moving to a different house gives you license to finally ditch those worn-out chairs and frayed rugs and pick up something new. So what should you get? While everyone has their own particular styles and needs, certain items show up time and again as homeowners’ fave purchases – and speak to winning strategies for decorating...
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10 DIY Fall Decor Ideas for Under $50(or Free!)

Now that fall has arrived, you might be inspired to try some DIY fall decor ideas in your home. But are there ways to add some autumn warmth without blowing through tons of cash? You bet! Just try a few of these DIY fall decor ideas below, many of which cost less than $50 –...
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Powder Rooms – Little Space, Big Style

Ahhh the powder room, probably the smallest room in a home and yet it’s one of the biggest opportunities for excitement! Since they will often be the only bathroom guests see, powder rooms are a space that many clients want to explore a new style, some drama, or invest in more luxurious finishes.   Due...
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Our Guarantee

At Classic Remodeling NW Inc. we want all of our clients to have the peace of mind in knowing that we don’t give a low ball price estimate just to get the job, and then nickel and dime you with a bunch of extra change orders later on in the project. The price that we give you on our proposal, is the price that you will pay us, and no more. Read more on Our Guarantee »