Ahhh the powder room, probably the smallest room in a home and yet it’s one of the biggest opportunities for excitement! Since they will often be the only bathroom guests see, powder rooms are a space that many clients want to explore a new style, some drama, or invest in more luxurious finishes.


Due to their typically small size, you can splurge a little more on custom cabinetry, high-end tile, luxury light fixtures, or a dramatic stone top. A $50 a-square-foot tile or pricey exotic counter may blow your budget in a full scale bathroom, but when you are only buying a few square feet of each, you can invest in higher end selections that otherwise might be out of reach. Explore your dream finishes, exceptional or exclusive pieces and really make the room a stand out space in your home.


And it’s not just about budget, something that would seem over the top in a large master bath or too strong an element in a daily used hall bathroom seems just right in a smaller scale space. Dynamic accent colors or patterns, even something like a vessel sink, which in a bathroom where you’re brushing your teeth is impractical, but in a powder room, provides a unique style element. Unusual textured tile or a natural wallpaper that would be difficult to clean in a bathroom where bathing occurs, provides interest and personality. This is a space you can really let your unique taste shine.


So here’s to powder rooms, while the space is small, don’t overlook or underestimate them, they can create quite an impact as well as conversation piece for your home!

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