Barker Kitchen Remodel

Four Ways to Maximize Kitchen Space

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where the food for you and your family is stored. This is where meals and memories are created. When you think of your kitchen what comes to mind? Are you reminded that you do not have enough space? Well, as we head into a new decade, you can increase the space in your kitchen. The increased space in your kitchen will allow you and your family to move around in ease and not clutter. Contact you favorite and trusted home contractor to get started in creating the kitchen of your dreams.  

Remodel Kitchen A kitchen remodel could be the solution of your problems. The standard of today’s kitchen remodel in Everett includes more space, storage and room. Imagine for a moment baking a cake in your dream kitchen. When you go to gather your ingredients, everything is one place and easy to find because your new cabinets allow for more organized and intentional storage. When you go to reach for your baking pans, everything is stored under your new island which is much better than the out of reach shelves from your old kitchen. Your new energy efficient oven and refrigerator are saving your family so much money. You have also removed the wall between the kitchen and living room so you can now watch television as you cook and also interact with your family.   

Add Shelves: The addition of shelves will change the space in your kitchen. You can store related items in the same area. You can organize things in a way that you can actually see them. Remember the last time you were cooking and could not find the black pepper? The reason why you could not find it was because the black pepper placed on a taller shelf that you could not reach. Your new shelving system will allow for all spices to be placed in the same area and be visible to everyone.  

Add or Update Cabinets: Your cabinet could make or break your kitchen. When you add or update your kitchen cabinets, this allows you to create more organized space. You can stop storing bulk sizes of paper towels in your bathroom closet.  Remember when you finished washing your hands and you realized there were no more paper towels. Instead of going to an area in the kitchen, you had to go to the bathroom closet. You can actually keep all kitchen items in the kitchen because now you have extra space.  This added space will allow more floor space for your entire family. You can add the breakfast nook you have been envisioning.  

Kitchen Island Cold Storage: Imagine a world where you never have to open your refrigerator when you are cooking or baking? Actually, this is no longer a dream. You can create cold storage by using your island. First, you have to install an island that has a cold storage feature. Your favorite home contractor will guide you on this process. This island will still fit into the scheme of your kitchen. Your island will also create other storage opportunities for your pots and pans, knives, mugs and more.  

These ideas may seem very daunting and out of this world. When you sire the correct home contractor, you will make your dream kitchen a reality. Your home contractor will walk you through the steps of how to make your dream kitchen a reality. Your home contractor should be reliable, patient and stay within your budget. Your kitchen upgrade is priceless and will be a welcome addition to your home. Think of the wonderful future memories that will be created in this upgraded kitchen. Get in touch with us today for more information about kitchen remodeling in Everette.