Five Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the center of your home. This is where you cook and plan meals, create memories and prepare for the upcoming school and work week. Is your kitchen meeting all your needs? Do you need more space or are you tired of looking at an ancient calling? This blog with discuss five way to upgrade your kitchen. You should contact your favorite reliable home improvement professional to get started on your kitchen remodel in Everett today. What better gift than to give yourself peace by making your dream kitchen reality.    

Open Kitchen Concept: An open kitchen concept is a great way to upgrade your kitchen. An open concept removes any barriers to other parts of your home. You may remove one of your kitchen walls or reduce its height. This will allow you to be an active participant in wherever is happening in your living room. The next time you want to bake cookies and watch a movie, it will be possible with your new open kitchen concept.  You can see the whole movie and bake cookies without any interruptions.  

Cabinets and Countertops: Your cabinet and countertops are either enhancing your kitchen or faded away in the background unnoticed. When you upgrade your cabinets and countertops, your kitchen will look more modern and inviting. Some ideas include quartz, marble, wood and cast stone. Your cabinets will create more storage while enhancing the look of your kitchen.  Imagine life after your kitchen remodel? Your beautiful cabinets and countertops will no longer be an eyesore. They will become the focal point of your kitchen  

Fifth wall (ceiling): Your kitchen’s ceiling or fifth wall needs some attention too. When was the last time you looked at your kitchen ceiling? Your kitchen‘s ceiling is an extension of your kitchen. You can paint it a color that compliments your kitchen. You can create storage that won’t take up any counter or floor space. You can use tiles to bring out your kitchen’s potential. After you upgrade your ceiling, the addition of lighting or even windows will enhance your kitchen further. A modern ceiling is essential to upgrading your kitchen.    

Beautiful Pantries: Why does your pantry have to be boring? You can upgrade your pantry which will complement the rest of your kitchen. You can have a standalone pantry. You can include a section of your pantry which allows for refrigerated foods. You can create storage which will create needed space in your kitchen. Think of the next time you complete weekly grocery shopping. You can unload perishable and nonperishable items into your pantry. This will save you a lot of time when preparing your next family meal.   

New flooring: Your kitchen floor can become one of the most neglected parts of your kitchen. Your flooring has to be maintained and upgraded on a regular basis. Hardwood flooring is durable and when maintained properly can last a long time. You can pick a darker or lighter wood. It depends on your preference and the look of your kitchen. Imagine your new hardwood floors in your remodeled kitchen. Your new flooring finally matches the rest of your kitchen and home. Give us a call today and discuss with our experts on a kitchen upgrade that will perfectly suit your home.