Five Benefits to Adding a Kitchen Island in Everett

You are in your kitchen attempting to bake cookies for your monthly neighborhood social gathering. You have to go to the pantry and refrigerator to get your ingredients. Then you realize there is no kitchen countertop space because of the pots and pans from last night’s family dinner. Then it hits you that you cannot find the cookie sheets. This cookie baking disaster can be avoided by adding a kitchen island. A kitchen island has so many advantages. This blog will discuss the five benefits to adding a kitchen island to your kitchen. Your favorite reliable home remodeling professional, Classic Remodeling NW Inc, will show you how to get started on adding a kitchen island. We are the best kitchen remodeling company in Everett This new upgrade will inspire you to upgrade your flooring and cabinets.

Discreet Storage: A kitchen island is no longer a decorative fixture. Your kitchen island is a discrete storage space. You can have deep drawers that can store pots and pans. You can also store cooking and eating utensils. The days of having your countertop taken over by pots and pans are gone. You can also use your kitchen island as an extension of your pantry and spice cabinet. This will allow you to stay in one designated area of your kitchen to cook or bake. The next time you have to make family dinner, you will reduce your prep time since everything is on one place. That means dinner will be ready sooner which will create a happy meal.

Breakfast Nook: You can create a breakfast nook using your kitchen island. This will reduce traffic to your dining room and kitchen table. Also, this is a great place where you can share family meals together during the week. Think about the next time you are making Saturday breakfast. You can cook with your entire family as a team. After preparing a great meal as a team, you can eat and cleanup as a team. You will never again share a great meal in three different rooms of your home.

Additional Refrigerator: Think of the last time you went grocery shopping. How much fun did you have trying to fit everything into your refrigerator? You can now create a mini refrigerator in your kitchen island. It will be done so discretely that no one will know it exists. The beauty of it is that commonly used perishable and non perishable items can co exist in the same space. The next time you are baking cookies, you can retrieve all your ingredients at the same time. This will allow you to start baking sooner.

Expanded Countertops: Can you imagine having expanded kitchen countertops? Expanded countertops are no longer a dream. You can create expanded countertops by adding a kitchen island. The kitchen island’s counter space will give you more space to prepare meals. The next time your kids have to pack their lunches for school, they will have plenty of space. This will reduce the probability of any spills or a gigantic mess. The peace of knowing there is more counter space is priceless. Also, you can oversee the lunch packing while doing the dishes.

Additional appliance or sink: What would you do if you had an additional sink? What about a new coffee and tea station or a second oven? A brand new kitchen island will make this dream a reality. You can add a new appliance or even a new sink. The next time your kids are doing dishes and you need to start making dinner, you can use the additional sink installed on your kitchen island. That saves you time and gives you a peace of mind.