Everett, WA, is Full of Fun Activities

Everett, WA, is Full of Fun Activities

If you are wondering how you will spend your weekend in Everett, you can engage in the many fun activities the city offers its residents and visitors. Visit this link for more information.

These include:

Boeing Future of Flight Aviation Center

The full experience of visiting the Flight Aviation Center comes from the Boeing Tour, which starts at the Aviation Center. You can watch engineers assemble modern marvels in the world’s largest building. You can also explore the main gallery filled with Boeing products and innovations. Read about Everett, WA, is a Festive Town here.

Several interactive exhibits at the center also explain the basic principles of aviation. 

Funko Everett

Funko is a provider of toys and fun in downtown Everett. This global toy company produces vinyl collectible figures. They are big-headed and touch on many aspects of pop culture’s many aspects. 

You can easily find the building because on the outside, you can find vinyl figurines. These outdoor figurines are only the beginning of photo opportunities and experiences at the shop.