Everett, WA, is a Festive Town

Everett, WA, is a Festive Town

Attending a festival during the summer holidays is always a great way to catch a break and meet new people. You meet your favorite artists, eat amazing local foods and wear unique outfits. Here are the festivals you can attend in Everett. Everett, WA can be seen here.


This three-day outdoor festival celebrates the best aspects of the Pacific Northwest. Sorticulture is usually the premier festival for garden art, flowers, and local plants. It’s held in downtown Everett, making it easier to enjoy the festival. Click here to read about Everett, WA, is Chock-Full of Parks.

Since downtown Everett is home to many excellent bars and restaurants, you can take a break and eat some amazing food and drinks during the festival. 

July 4th Fireworks

This festival is hosted at the Legion Memorial Park, which is full of fun activities. There is kid-friendly entertainment, meaning you can take your kids. The festival features live music, adult beverages, and food trucks, where you can find local foods you have never eaten.