Everett, WA, is a Dining Hub 

Everett, WA, is a Dining Hub 

Top Restaurants in Everett WA

Everett is a beautiful city with stunning  views you can enjoy seeing during your visit in this city. You can never go hungry since it has many incredible restaurants with authentic meals of your choice. Whether you are a breakfast person, love late meals, or want to take a loved one for a dinner date, you will be lost for choices with the plenty of restaurants in Everett. Most restaurants provide take-in and take-out meals to cater to customers’ needs, while some even offer food delivery services to clients’ doorsteps. If you are in Everett, these are the top restaurants you can try meals in. Learn more here.

Terracotta Red

Terracotta Red is a classy and modern restaurant with a blend of Asian traditional dishes that chefs have prepared in modern styles. They prepare every meal with fresh ingredients and have the best customer service. You can take your loved one for a date or business lunch here. Learn more about Everett, WA, is an Outdoor Paradise.

Moontree Asian Tapas

Moontree Asian Tapas offers different dishes, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and European. The chefs in the restaurant use freshly caught seafood and high-quality ingredients in their cuisine. You can also enjoy the beautiful view as you peruse the various menu options in the restaurant.