Everett, WA, is an Outdoor Paradise

Everett, WA, is an Outdoor Paradise

Fun-filled Trails in Everett WA

Everett offers the best trails to explore these activities if you fancy bike riding, walking, jogging, running, or hiking. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy the hand-curated maps, photos, and reviews of the incredible trails here. You can also explore some of the kid-friendly trails in the area for your family trip as well as check out some historical sights and adventurous areas during your walk, run or hike. If you are an outdoor enthusiast. Visit this link for more information.

 Here are some trails you can visit in Everett, WA.

Lowell Riverfront Trail

Lowell Riverfront Trail is a popular trail in Everett, and you are likely to run into other people exploring. It is paved and has benches along the way to rest and enjoy the view during your hike. The Lowell Riverfront Trail is accessible for people using wheelchairs or strollers. You can also enjoy the wildlife and wildflowers view during your run or jog along the paved trail. Read about Everett, WA, is an Artful Town here.

Langus Riverfront Trail

Langus Riverfront Trail is one of the most accessible routes in Everett. It is fit for bike riding, trail for birding, and trail running, and you can also enjoy some solitude during the quiet times during the day. You can tag your dogs along as long as they are on a leash.