Everett, WA, is a Historical City

Everett, WA, is a Historical City

Unique Historic Spots in Everett WA

Everett has beautiful landmarks and historical sights you can view. You will surely learn from the city’s historical spots as well as indulge in activities that will help you learn more about Everett. Learn information about Everett, WA.

Various landmarks and historical sights to visit in Everett, WA, include:

The Pergola

The Pergola, located in Pioneer Square, is made of iron and glass. It also has terrazzo floors, marble dividers, and brass fixtures. It is one of the five-star-rated landmarks in Everett, WA. Discover facts about Everett, WA, is a Dining Hub.

Point No Point Lighthouse and Park

Point No Point Lighthouse and Park is a nice place to visit in Everett where you can experience seal life while visiting. It has a lovely long beach and a lighthouse where you can enjoy the views of Whidby Island. It is the best place to spend your summer with your loved ones.