Everett, WA, is Chock-Full of Parks

Everett, WA, is Chock-Full of Parks

Parks are places where people go to relax after a long day or week. In Everett, many parks provide a relaxing atmosphere for the residents and visitors to the city. Information can be found here.

These parks include.

Howarth Park

The Howarth Park has features such as an off-leash area for your pets and picnic tables. You can carry your drinks and food and relax. The park has restrooms, which are very convenient if you spend a few hours there. There is a playground for kids and a tennis court. See here for information about Everett, WA, is a Museum Cache.

Furthermore, the park has multiple trails for running or taking a walk. If you take your entire family to the park, you will all have something fun to do. 

Legion Park

This is a lovely park that has gorgeous views. It is a great location for relaxation and for those looking to take amazing photographs. One of the most amazing features of this park is the flower gardens. You can walk around these flower gardens with your loved ones. 

You should also consider visiting the flower gardens in different seasons because the colors of the flowers are usually different.