Events and Festivals in Everett, WA

Events and Festivals in Everett, WA

Everett is one of the best places to visit in Washington State. Many great things happen in the city, and there’s always something for everyone. Here are some of the popular events in the city. Further facts about Everett, WA can be found here.

Fisherman’s Village Music Festival

Downtown Everett is the place to be for the best music, regardless of your taste. It has indoor and outdoor venues where you can find arts, jewelry, and gifts from local makers, artisans, and artists. The festival features over 40 brands and is suitable for everyone, so you can bring your kids with you. Click here to read about The Best Must-Try Restaurants in Everett, WA.

Going all City Block Party

Going All City Block Party is a lively four-day event with multiple artists, activities for kids, food, vendors, and more. You get to meet professional graffiti artists from the US and Mexico. They inspire you to create unique and colorful works of art throughout the event.

Everett Food Truck Festival

Everett Food Truck Festival features more than 15 food trucks serving the best local foods in the region. You will likely find new favorites as there’s so much to taste and try.

Artists’ Garage Sale

The Artists’ Garage Sale is the safest bet if you’re looking for artwork at a bargain. The event involves artists clearing out their garages and studios to make room for new masterpieces. That means you’ll have the best opportunity to expand your collection even on budget.

Everett, WA, holds many events and festivals throughout the year. So, it’s always good to call ahead or visit the events’ websites for updates.