The Best Must-Try Restaurants in Everett, WA

The Best Must-Try Restaurants in Everett, WA

Everett is on the west coast of Washington State and a few hours’ drive away from the Canadian border. It is a wonderful historic district with multiple restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best cuisines. During your stay, make sure to visit one of the following restaurants. Information can be found here.

Kate’s Greek and American Deli

This top local spot features a combination of classic American food and Greek cuisine sampling. You can stop by the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to try their excellent food choices. See here for information about Top Museums in Everett, WA, You Need to Visit.

The Sisters

The Sisters opened its doors in the 1980s and has become a locals’ favorite over time. It features an inviting atmosphere with mix-and-match décor and local artwork. Along with delicious pies and baked goods, it’s the best spot for lovingly made home cooking.

Katana Sushi

Katana Sushi is the go-to restaurant for high-quality, fresh sushi and sashimi. The artfully plated dishes made from fresh ingredients will make you always want to come for more.

Terracotta Red

Terracotta Red is the best spot for lunch or a romantic date as a classy yet casual modern restaurant. This is because it features Asian-fusion cuisine made with modern preparation styles and fresh ingredients.

Everett, WA, is no short of restaurants and eateries. The best thing is that they all feature unique dishes that give you a wholesome experience.