Edmonds, WA, is a Fun-Filled City

Edmonds, WA, is a Fun-Filled City

Edmonds is a city located in the North of Shoreline. It is a beachfront community, which makes it a fun town to live in. Here are the top fun activities to enjoy while living in Edmonds. Everett, WA can be seen here.

Enjoy the Views of the Puget Sound Waterfront

The view of the Puget Sound Waterfront is fantastic. You get a chance to look out to the water and see across the beautiful mountain range of the Olympic Peninsula. The beach and the waterfront offer multiple fun activities to engage in. Children can play on the sandy beaches. You can also go swimming during the day and meet other amazing people. There is also an underground scuba playground where you can go scuba diving. Click here to read about Clinton, WA, is a Family-Oriented City.

Visit the Fisherman’s Pier at the Beach

You can go fishing and go to the surrounding areas of the beach using inflatable boats, portable boats, or any type of boat you have. People with large boats are actually allowed to park their boats in the water permanently. You can also catch crabs at the beach. Next to the fisherman’s pier is the off-leash dog park, where you can walk around, eat some delicious seafood and grab a cocktail if you want to rest.