Stunning Room Additions in Seattle, Eastside, & Bothell, WA Area with Classic Remodeling NW, Inc.

Are you looking for a reputable room addition contractor? We can help you if space is tight or your family grows. Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. can provide you with room addition ideas and plan the perfect layout for your home. We remain the best choice for any home remodeling projects in Bothell, WA, thanks to more than a decade in the business.  

You don’t need to sell your house or move if you love your home. Smart and professional-designed home additions can solve all your space issues. It doesn’t need to break the bank.  

Home additions are becoming more popular with homeowners who love their homes and the neighborhood. If you feel you have run out of space, contact us today. We can help you plan your home addition so that you can live in your beautiful home for many years. 

Best Home Addition Contractors in Seattle, Eastside, & Bothell, WA

Planning home additions is not a one-size fits all approach. Planning the dimensions and shapes of the room additions, as well as the architectural style and design elements, requires careful planning.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. is known for this level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our experts will work closely to understand your space needs and then create seamless additions that match the design and aesthetic of your entire house. 

Are You Concerned About the High Cost of Home Additions in Bothell?

Any kind of home renovation, or addition to your home, is a significant investment. Homeowners often avoid home additions because they fear additional high-costs later on. We are different from other home remodeling contractors because of this. We make the process transparent and easy.  

We won’t give low-ball estimates to get the job, then add on fees as the project progresses. If our experts give you a price for our proposal, that’s the price you’ll pay. This is our work guarantee.  

We are not only a trusted and respected home addition company in the Seattle Eastside & Bothell areas.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. has built trust with its clients over the years. We deliver custom home additions that comply with zoning regulations and design. Our clients love our work and we offer best-in class craftsmanship. 

Common Home Additions for Seattle, Eastside, & Bothell Homes

You have many options for quality home additions that you can make to your home. These are:  

  • Kitchen additions 
  • Sun room additions 
  • Bathroom extensions 
  • Additions to the master suite 
  • Outdoor space additions 
  • Second-story additions  

We will help you make your home addition a reality, no matter what it is.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. is the right choice if you are looking for the best home-addition services in Bothell or the surrounding Seattle areas. 

Licensed Home Additions Contractor in Bothell WA

Are you thinking that a home addition could be the right fit? Get in touch today! We would love to hear all about your dream home addition to see if there are any opportunities.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. is honored to be part of your home remodel. Our estimate is free and comes with no obligation.  

We are eager to hear from you! Use our contact form to send us an email or give us a phone call so we can help you get that home addition in no time.  Telephone: (425) 375-0597 | FAX: 425-224-2008.