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Are you looking into transforming your home with a perfect Mulkiteo home remodel design? That’s an amazing idea! Are you still trying to decide which Mulkiteo home remodeler is the right one for the job? If you answered yes, then you aren’t alone.  

Many of our Seattle, Mulkiteo, WA, customers started in the exact same place as you—they didn’t know which Mulkiteo home remodeler to choose. Each customer brought different ideas and visions to our office for all their home remodeling needs. And they were not without their worries.  

Trust is a two-way road, but here’s what you need to know. Our dedication to delivering their home remodeling dreams has earned us the trust of many customers over the years. Classic Remodeling NW, Inc., is the right company to help you with your entire home remodeling project.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc.’s experience and strong brand reputation as professional home remodeling specialists can meet all your home remodeling needs. 

Full Home Renovations in Mulkiteo — Is it the Right Decision for My Home?

Full home renovations in Mulkiteo are a great option for those who feel they need more space or feel like their house is getting cramped. If homeowners want to update their urban home with modern design elements, this is another reason they may consider a complete home renovation.  

You want to preserve the original charm of your house but add modern elements that suit a modern lifestyle. Homeowners might also consider full home remodels if the home has suffered damage. This could be due either to age or natural forces.  

Your house will also wear out over the years. Even cosmetic upgrades have a shelf life. Our skilled team of designers and craftsmen can assist you, no matter your reason. A complete home renovation plan can transform your house both from the inside as well as the outside.  

With over a decade of combined experience, we are the number one choice for complete home remodeling in Mulkiteo. Call us today to let us help make your home remodel dreams come true!  

8 Common Aspects of Remodeling Your Home

A full home remodel is when your house has been renovated more than 50%. This includes the following projects:  

  • Basement remodeling  
  • Bathroom remodeling  
  • Kitchen remodeling 
  • Additions to your home 
  • Front porch addition 
  • Back deck addition 
  • Conversions for attic space 
  • Constructing an interior space 

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. Home Remodeling Service Process

The Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. design team will work closely with you all the way through the design process. Once we have thoroughly understood all of your needs and expectations, then we sit down and create a comprehensive home remodeling plan that is right for you and your family.  

The first step is to determine priorities. This includes any aspects of the home remodel that may have an impact on your budget. We won’t proceed unless we are both on the same page regarding the budget and design aspects. When you sign a contract with us, you can be sure that we will never give you a low-ball estimate just to get it done. Then, as the project moves along, we’ll charge more.  

If you are quoted a price by our experts, it is the price you will be charged. That is our guarantee for work. In some cases, however, the cost could change if:  

  • In the event of any unexpected circumstances, the proposal must be signed. Dry rot damage inside the wall/floor cavity.  
  • You decide or need to change the scope of your work, please let us know. 
  • You can’t do electrical/plumbing work if it isn’t up to the codes. 


We understand that any type of home renovation can be disruptive to your daily schedule. You can rest assured that you won’t be interrupted by any home renovation project if your contract is with us. With our superior planning and meticulous attention for scheduling details, you’ll have minimal disruptions and the best delivery possible.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. offers the best home renovation services in Mulkiteo and surrounding Seattle areas. Contact us today! 

Reliable Home Remodeling Contractor in Mulkiteo, WA

Contact us today if your serious about a full-scale home remodel in Mulkiteo! To find out if we are able to help, let us know about your plans for remodeling your home.  

We have a long list of satisfied customers.  

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