Professionally Designed Mulkiteo Outdoor Patios with Classic Remodeling NW, Inc.

As the top Mulkiteo outdoor patio contractor, we can help design your perfect outdoor patio. Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. will help you design the perfect outdoor space for you and your loved ones.  

Our highly creative and organized team can work with all budgets and outdoor patio ideas in Mulkiteo so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible work for your hard-earned investment. 

Stylish Outdoor Patios in Mulkiteo, WA

A stunning outdoor patio and other outdoor living spaces can help increase the property’s market value and create equity. Not only do they provide space for families to relax and enjoy time with friends and loved ones, but they also allow them to be part of the home’s overall design. It doesn’t mean you need to travel far to spend some time with your loved ones. You can host dinners, games and barbecues on your Mulkiteo-designed outdoor patio. This will allow you to connect with family and friends both weeknights as well as weekends.  

You can also arrange a romantic dinner for your partner to enjoy quality time. It’s better to spend your money and time traveling than it is to have fun with your loved ones right in your backyard. If you are interested in a luxury outdoor patio, please give us a shout. We would love the opportunity to meet with and discuss your ideas. 

Outdoor Patio Designs Custom Made for Your Mulkiteo Home

Our outdoor patios should not be considered an extension of your outdoors living space. A professionally designed and planned outdoor patio can make your backyard more beautiful. Your outdoor patio can have a unique design and look by using certain materials like paving stones, firepits, brickwork, among others. It is the attention to detail that gives outdoor spaces their unique look and feel. Do you have a dream patio plan?  

For a customized outdoor living area, speak with one of our design specialists today. 

You Can Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space in Mulkiteo, WA, While on a Budget

Does your yard seem dull and boring? There’s no reason to let your yard be boring or dull. We can help you make the most of your outdoor space while keeping costs down. The cost of quality work is high. You don’t need to spend a fortune – especially as your project progresses. We won’t quote you a low price to get the job. Then, we charge extra for each project. Once our experts have provided a price estimate, it is the price we will charge you. This is our work warranty. 

In some cases, however, the cost might change.  

  • If you add to the scope or need to make changes 
  • Scope of work once the proposal has received approval. 
  • If any unexpected circumstances occur that weren’t anticipated 
  • Proposal was signed: Dry rot in the wall/floor cavities that was not obvious 
  • View from the outside of wall/floor. 
  • You don’t have to follow the electrical-plumbing codes by wall/ceiling cover. 

Common Outdoor Patio Design Options for Mulkiteo Homes

  • Outdoor kitchens 
  • Outdoor patios covered 
  • Outdoor fireplaces and firepits for outdoor living spaces 
  • LED landscape lighting 

These are just some ideas to make a boring backyard more interesting. Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. has the perfect outdoor patio design for you in Mulkiteo. 

Mulkiteo’s Top-Rated Outdoor Patio Contractor

We are here to help you build a custom outdoor patio. We’d love for you to tell us about your outdoor patio dreams to see how we can help.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to assist you in your home renovation. We offer a free, no-obligation quote.  

You can use our contact form, or call us today to get your outdoor patio project completed in record time. We are always available to answer your questions about outdoor patios. TELEPHONE 425-375-0597 | FAX 425-224-2008