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Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. specializes in design-build and stylish remodeling in Seattle, Eastside, & Edmonds. If you’re looking for a reliable design-build firm in Edmonds to help with your home remodel, we could be the right choice. 

 We are the most trusted design-build specialists in the Seattle Eastside, and Edmonds areas of WA.  

Classic Remodeling NW, Inc., the top-rated design-build company for new construction and upscale remodeling in the Seattle, Eastside, & Edmonds, WA, has been around for more than a decade. With years of experience, we can guarantee the best home renovation and home construction solutions for you and your family.  

This collaboration continues until the final touches are put in and the project is completed to your satisfaction. It’s this work ethic that has helped us build lasting relationships with customers. These relationships will last a lifetime. 

No-Guesswork Design-Build Process

Ambiguity and doubt are not allowed in any remodeling project. There is no place for uncertainty or guesswork. Our unique design-build process is designed to eliminate confusion and guesswork. It’s about getting every detail right, from the beginning to the end of a project.  

As the leading design-build professionals in Seattle, Eastside, & Edmonds, we will ensure that your remodeling project is successful. This means that you can trust us not only during the construction phase, but also throughout the creative design phase. 

Edmonds’s Best Design-Build Company

Our design-build program is designed to make sure that you are included in the design team and have input at all stages of the project.  

  • In-home consultations are the first step in our design-build process. They help to determine the parameters of your project in relation to three things: what is the desired result, how much can you spend on it, and how can you improve it. 
  • After we have completed the assessment, we will send you a PSA, Personal Services Agreement, to sign. Once signed, we can begin designing the project’s preliminary designs. 
  • These designs are then shown to you. Any modifications that you suggest will be included in the final designs. 
  • This will continue until all changes are approved and the project is completed. 
  • We ensure that the desired budget is kept in mind throughout the process to make sure that the project does not exceed the investment. 
  • Next is to complete the construction drawings in order to obtain a building permit. 
  • Only then can the drawings be given to the construction department to prepare for construction.  

Next, we will move on to the specifications and construction estimate phases. You must review and approve the construction estimate. Once you are both on the same page regarding the project and estimates, then the work can start. 

 We are transparent and keep things simple! Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. can help you find the best design builders in Edmonds and the Seattle areas. 

Preferred Design-Build Contractor in Edmonds, WA

We would love to learn about your dreams for home remodeling and see if our services can be of any assistance. Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. would love to be a part your home remodeling project. 

 Don’t forget that our estimate is completely free and without obligation. You can get started on your home additions or remodeling projects by contact us today at 425-3750597 or feel free to use our contact page if your serious about Edmonds design-build.  

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