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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I deduct home remodeling costs on my taxes?  

This can vary depending on your project.  Generally speaking, if your home remodeling project includes installing energy efficient equipment or an upgrade for medical needs, you might qualify for tax deductions.  A licensed Home Remodeling professional can recommend the best home improvement options that will complement the goals of your custom remodel and help you qualify for tax deductions.     


What are the steps to remodeling a home?  

Each project will vary, but here are some basic steps that might be included in your home remodeling project: 


This is when you determine a budget, timeline, and research remodeling contractors.  Be sure to look for home remodeling professionals that are experienced, licensed, and have great customer feedback for your type of project. 

2. Demolition: 

The current space is demolished and cleared out depending on the needs of the remodeling project.    

3. Systems:  

If your custom home remodeling project involves moving/installing internal systems such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, they will be positioned during this stage. 

4. Framing & Drywall: 

During this phase of the home remodel, the new bones of the space are put into place, covered, secured. 

5. Finishes 

Flooring, doors, countertops, and more are installed.  This is typically the homeowner’s favorite step since they can see the progress being made on their remodeling project 

Depending on the type of home remodeling project, there can be many inspections to pass along the way.  Be sure to partner with a Home Remodeling company that has the experience and skills to provide quality work.  Being able to pass an inspection the first time around can help avoid unnecessary increases to your timeline and budget.   


Do I need a permit to remodel my home?  

If your home remodeling project will change the existing building’s structure, electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, or HVAC systems, a permit is needed.  If you handle the permits yourself, you must oversee every aspect of the job and will be held legally responsible should something not be up to code.  If you partner with a professional Remodeling contractor to handle the permits, they will assume most of the legal responsibility.  Exact requirements and exceptions vary by city and county, so be sure to check with a professional Remodeling company in your area since they have experience with the required documents and paperwork needed for your specific remodeling or renovation project. 


How long does a remodeling project take? 

We can never predict a timeline without knowing the scope of your remodeling project.  Our homeowners receive a project schedule detailing when Classic Remodeling NW and any subcontractors will start and finish their responsibilities.  

With any home remodel, there is always a chance of an unforeseen delay, but we make sure to do everything we can to keep all elements aligned to the estimated timeframe provided at the beginning of your remodeling project.  


How can I stay environmentally friendly with my remodeling project?  

There are so many eco-friendly options available for all aspects of a custom home remodel.  From energy efficient lighting, insulation, windows, and HVAC systems, to high quality recycled materials, your professional Remodeling company can guide you through many options to help find solutions that are perfect for your lifestyle and your budget. 


Is there a difference between home renovation and home remodeling?  

 A home renovation involves restoring a home to a previous state whereas home remodeling refers to creating a completely new design form the original.  However, nowadays these words are sometimes used interchangeably.     

”My wife and I contracted with Classic Remodeling NW as we had heard from some friends that they were solid contractors with a reputation for quality work. We inked a remodel job with them in early November. I appreciated the fact that they wanted to use a formal contract that detailed the work we wanted to be done, costs, etc. I should also note that we changed the extent of the work in the contract three times but they were patient and professional with us at all times. The quality of work was excellent, the men on the job were very courteous, they engaged my wife as needed with good questions, and they cleaned up the work area each evening. I would recommend this company to my friends and family and I am available as a reference if needed.”

Dan Dierdorff – Bothell