Everett, WA, Bubbles with Parks

Everett, WA, Bubbles with Parks

Charming Parks in Everett, WA

Everett, WA, is the best place to visit if you love parks and outdoor recreational activities. Whether a resident or a visitor, this city will present you with fantastic parks you can take your family. The incredible parks have fun-spot places to unwind on long weekends and holidays and spend quality time as a family. The parks in Everett will also provide you with nature walk paths, where you can clear your mind. If you are looking for enjoyable spots in Everett, WA, here are a few choices you can choose from. Learn information about Everett, WA.

Howarth Park

Howarth Park is a nice little beach you and your loved ones can enjoy hanging out at any time of the year. The park has a load of fun spots and gives that natural feeling you will love. Since it’s never crowded, you can enjoy the view of ferry boats as they come and go. The children can also have a fun time collecting shells in Howarth Park. It also offers ample parking space, a seaside dog park, and a children’s play area. Discover facts about Everett, WA, is a Museum Trove.

Legion Park

Legion Park is a beautiful park with flower gardens that have flowers that change with the seasons. The park accommodates people of different ages, from young to old. There are also plenty of fun activities to do with your loved ones.