8 Amazing Dollar-Store Finds for Holiday Decor That’ll Help You Deck the Halls on the Cheap

Nobody wants to spend a fortune to deck their house with holiday decorations which will see the light of day for only a few weeks each year. That’s why savvy DIY folks know that the dollar store is a treasure trove for cheap but fabulous supplies for holiday gifts and home decor.

Seasonal dollar store finds include simple glass containers, sparkly baubles, and, of course, pine cones – all of which can be quickly transformed into amazing mantel displays, teachers’ gifts, and more.

How does it all come together? We’ve got you covered with expert advice for crafting some wow-worthy holiday decor and gifts. Just start with these eight surprisingly versatile dollar-store supplies.

1.Cookie Tins

Between your book club, office gatherings, and holiday parties, the time for cookies is nigh. So whether you’re swapping them with neighbors or giving them as gifts, you’ll need pretty tins and bags to hold them.

“The dollar store has great packaging for cookies, including colorful cellophane bags and boxes for homemade chocolates,” says Zakiyya Rosebelle, product designer and founder of women’s lifestyle company Sweet Little Luxuries. “I especially love the whimsical tins decorated with jolly Christmas scenes.”

“The cookie containers at my dollar store are so great-looking, they make a homemade gift look far more expensive than it is,” adds Kendal Perez, a savings expert with CouponSherpa.com

2.Holiday Houses

During the holidays, dollar stores are usually filled with little ceramic houses which can be decorated with paint and glitter for an impressive miniature Christmas village on your sideboard or windowsill.

“Just add some bottle brush trees, and you have an instant holiday vignette,” she says.

Dollar stores also tend to carry Styrofoam in the shape of fir trees.

“I like to paint these and set up a little village of trees,” says Julie Coraccio, an organizing pro at ReawakenYourBrilliance.

3.Mason Jars

Perez’s go-to DIY gifts are cocoa and cookie mixes in mason jars. This inexpensive, fun craft is a snap to put together too: Dollar stores have lidded glass jars in all shapes and sizes, so it makes it easy to create these affordable gifts.

Not the baking type? Coraccio fills her jars with colored glass gems from the dollar store for a pretty and festive look.

Plus, simple glass jars can be the foundation for holiday votives, vases, and more, says Carson Yarborough, a savings expert at Offers.com.

“You can make a DIY snowy mason jar with glue sealer [Like Mod Podge], Epsom salt, and holiday ribbon,” she says.

Cover the outside of the jar with the sealer, and then layer on the salt. Wrap the top with a bow, and place a tea light inside for a festive glow.

Or make a mason jar snow globe.

“Glue a tiny tree or mini santa to the inside of the jar’s lid and then fill the jar with water, silver glitter, and a few drops of glycerin,” Yarborough suggests.


It may sound strange, but dollar store fishbowls can be the perfect holiday accouterment,” Yarborough says.

“Pick up different sizes to hold pine cones, leftover ornaments from the tree, peppermint candies, tinsel, or confetti,” she suggests.

Or create a winter wonderland inside with cotton balls, glitter, and garland.

“You can also stack fishbowls on top of each other to make a snowman – just draw on the eyes and buttons with a marker or glass pain,” she says.

5.Coffee Mugs

“Grab some faux moss, white candles, and red ribbon, and put it all together,” she says.

Boiko had used these to line her staircase, but they would also make a statement on a mantel, a covered porch, or the front steps.


There’s no need to shell out for privacy wreaths at a nursery or specialty store. Instead, embrace the DIY route for these traditional decorations.

“Dollar stores sell metal wreath rings and basic green wreaths that you can decorate with ribbon and ornaments for a fraction of the cost of a store-bought wreath,” Perez explains.

Plus, making these yourself ensures that all your decor coordinates, she adds.

Feeling extra-crafty? you can make a wreath from a wire hanger and then use hot glue to attach dollar-store ornaments to it, Yarborough says.

“Simply bend the hanger into a circle and thread ornaments on, gluing those that need more reinforcement,” she explains. Leave the hook part as is so you can hang it on the front door.


Pick up wide ribbons and bows from the dollar store, and then go to town around your house and yard. You can wrap ribbon around bushes, weave it on the stair railing, and drape it across the fireplace mantel.

“I like to turn kitchen cabinets and doors into presents with ribbon – it’s super fast and easy,” Yarborough says.


You can dress up simple pillar candles with free printables or downloaded images.

“Print them out on transfer paper, cut out the images, and then peel and stick,” Boiko says.

You can also embellish these with rhinestones or faux pearls. Perez heads to the candleholder section of her dollar store and decorates her finds with greenery and baubles.

“The long-stem glass tea light holders are my fave,” she says.


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